Greetings family, friends, and my die-hard fans.
And welcome to my site and my NEW CREATIONS project page. I will be posting on here the ongoing progress of my latest creative project. I don't have a title for it, yet, but I have faith that the title will reveal itself in time.  GET MORE DETAILS

The new creation begins... 

I am embarking deeply into an ambitious creative challenge of audio and visual exploration.
It is a creative adventure, and I would like for you to join me. This audio and visual project will result in the creation of a new experimental and adventurous album of at least 10 songs (probably more though), new art, and film. I estimate that the project will be ready to go on August 2015, maybe sooner, but I am recording this project on my own with a very limited budget, so I will be relying a lot on my resourcefulness and creativity to complete it. Hopefully I can have it completed by Christmas time or my birthday. We'll see...

But before I continue with more details, I want to say that this project is dedicated to those creatives, dreamers, visionaries, futurists, and the lovers of the new, those that never give up and make new, wonderful worlds come to life. You inspire me to keep going.

Now Let Me Begin
As of late, I have become a bit of a hermit. I have been taking time to re-align myself with my inner self in order to sense my "souls" direction or next adventure, and this adventure has finally been revealed to me, and I want to take you along with me on this journey.

I have been working on mastering my craft of art from a technical/intellectual  perspective and a creative, intuitive, and emotional perspective as well. I have been exploring the ideas of atoms, the universe, love, humanity, meaning of life, people, and social issues. I have also been exploring music of all types trying to see what speaks to me the most. I know that different music reaches me in different ways, but lately I have been drawn to the sounds of electronica, Jazz, tribal, hip-hop beats, and new age vibes.

The Goal
The goal is to be able to have this project be given the opportunity to develop its creative flow. Whether it becomes a hit or not is not the focus. The goal is for it to become a pure creative expression.

If you are like me,  you like to hear different kinds of music, and once in a while you want to hear something that is off the beaten path that still moves and inspires you. I usually like to listen to experimental or off the grid music. I get hungry to hear something that is going to help me feel something new, and this project is my attempt to help bring forth that something new.

I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I have been trying to overcome some of my limiting thoughts and well-meaning advice like "What if it is a waste of time?", "What if no one likes it?", "You should be focusing on something more practical.", "You don't have a good budget for it.",  "It sounds too complicated.", etc. Now maybe these thoughts and advice are right, but being the risk-taker that I am, I want to give it a try by putting all of my heart, mind, and soul into it. I have always believed that where there is a will, there is a way, and throughout history we have seen great dreamers and creatives make breakthroughs in many aspects of not only art but science as well, like your new phones or electric cars. Those dreamers and creatives are the wizards of the universe. And I strive to be amongst them so that I can weave my own magic from the gifts that I have been blessed with to share with you whatever creative discoveries I find.

The Concept Of The Album
I am delving into exploring various creative musical and lyrically poetic ideas that will focus on bringing something which I hope will be refreshing. Much of the lyrical content so far seems to be revolving around many of the likes and posts I have on FB regarding discovering ourselves and the universe, understanding our society and how it is changing, the people in our lives, pro personal development, and being proud of being intelligent and creative. I am keeping a reminder in myself that I want these songs to boost the spirit of the listener. I want theme to inspire people to be their best true selves.

How I Am Preparing
In preparation of this project, in the past few months, I have minimized how much music and what kind of music I listen to so that I can stay focused on creating something fresh and exciting.  The songs that I have been working on so far have elements of electronica, creative beats and rhythms, jazz style guitar and woodwinds. I will be mixing in live and electronic sounds. Apart from singing on the album, some of the live instruments I will be playing along with the electronic sounds will be guitar, bass, clarinet, harmonica, and some percussion. But I will be leaving the musical landscape open to whatever may come.

I will set up my site so that we can stay in touch as I go through the creative process of completing this project. I will have a blog that you can join in on so that we can interact with one another.

I hope to get all my friends somehow involved in the evolution of this project, and perhaps at the end we can have a big friend/family party enjoying this music at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center or something equivalent where we can have fun with great live musicians, drumming, and dancing.

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