The beginning of a new creation...

Join me as I embark on an ambitious creation of a new album and new art. Get more details at NEW CREATION.

The Concept Of The Album

I am delving into exploring various creative musical and lyrically poetic ideas that will focus on bringing something which I hope will be refreshing. Much of the lyrical content so far seems to be revolving around many of the likes and posts I have on FB regarding discovering ourselves and the universe, understanding our society and how it is changing, the people in our lives, pro personal development, and being proud of being intelligent and creative. I am keeping a reminder in myself that I want these songs to boost the spirit of the listener. I want theme to inspire people to be their best true selves.

How I Am Preparing
In preparation of this project, in the past few months, I have minimized how much music and what kind of music I listen to so that I can stay focused on creating something fresh and exciting.  The songs that I have been working on so far have elements of electronica, creative beats and rhythms, jazz style guitar and woodwinds. I will be mixing in live and electronic sounds. Apart from singing on the album, some of the live instruments I will be playing along with the electronic sounds will be guitar, bass, clarinet, harmonica, and some percussion. But I will be leaving the musical landscape open to whatever may come.

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