New Remix of Fel Son Drive's song "Stepping Through The Veil"

In my ardent love of producing and experimenting with music and music tech, I have retuned to and remixed the FEL SON DRIVE song "Stepping Through The Veil", one of the more experimental tracks on the Fel Son Drive Album, to explore some different ways to work on production which I am using on the upcoming Feeding A Mood​ album.

I did some minor edits and some different EQing and processing on some of the elements. I also wanted to make it a little fatter by saturating the master and then tightening it up in the mastering process.

You can download this mix and the perpetual remix album FEL SON DRIVE RE-MIXED from our Bandcamp site for free. Just click on BUY button and put 0 in the $ box, then you will go to the download area where you can choose the format you want the tracks in: MP3, FLAC, etc.

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