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What’s up everyone! First off I wanna say thanks to all of you for all of your ongoing support of my musical and artistic journey. 
And now I feel like it is time to venture into new creative territory, and I want to invite you into the next phase of this journey. 
A while back I started getting the vibe that I wanted to create some more energetic vibes around me and for my music community to keep people in good spirits. I wasn’t sure where to take that until I asked myself, ”Self, what music makes you feel really good deep down in your soul.” Well, as I started to listen to many types of music I discovered that funky breaks, fat bass, and fast tempos really feel great, So for the last year or so I’ve been getting back into more funky dance vibes experimenting with creating new drum breaks and sounds. 
So this is the new journey that I welcome you to. I will be going deeper into the Breakbeat, Drum N Bass, and Jungle realms while still incorporating elements from the previous styles of music that I have experimented with before to explore new ideas. I hope that these tracks will bring as much good vibes to you as they do to me.


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Thank you! 
Have Fun: Feel Good, 
-Feeding A Mood

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