Here is the music video preview of the song Sofya and I co-wrote together, called “Boys Aside”.


What's up again. If you guys missed seeing the video, it will be back up again during the official release on Sept. 5th. For now you can follow Sofya on her FB: Sofya Wang Facebook or you can follow me on my FB at: Feeding A Mood Facebook

I'll also be in touch again once the official release is made. 



The actual debut of the single isn’t until August 29th, but for now please enjoy the music video. 

Sofya is a beautiful and talented artist who not only sings, but she also plays cello and piano. It’s been over a year that we have been working together now, so it’s great to see all her hard work coming to fruition with this video. A lot of work goes into getting to this stage, so I am very proud of her and her accomplishment.

Go to video for Boys Aside Music Video

Please like and share this video, and like like her Facebook page at: Sofya Wang Facebook

You can get more info about her there, and you can follow her progress, especially after the song debuts on August 29th, Thank you!

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