In the studio with Fearo

Graffiti artist and member of Kosmic Four member, Fearo and I are collaborating in the studio, working on a new project. We're keeping the details to a minimum now cuz we want to make this project a surprise. But as…

Songs now available on YOUTUBE

I have uploaded my songs to Youtube and one to
Also, I just finished the next song in my ongoing project.
It's actually a song that I had on my site as a demo, but

Where The Truth Cuts Lies released into the wild

So got the latest FAM song out there ("Where The Truth Cuts Lies") . Hope to have the next one out sooner than this one.
It's good to see it out in the world making its own way. If …

E.P.s Coming

I'm now working on completing a series of E.P.s that will be released here on my site.
I've been currently just focusing on the DJ side of things using Torq, my original 1200s, and Numark mixer.
The DJing …